Web design services ensure a web solution’s adaptive behavior to the screen size it is displayed on. Following the mobile-first strategy, ScienceSoft translates the functionality of your web solution into intuitivesmoothly functioning, and highly converting digital experience.

Why Responsive Web Design Matters


today’s global website traffic originates from mobile devices


websites have been migrated to Google’s ‘mobile-first’ indexing


businesses saw an increase in sales after opting for responsive website design

Want Your Visitors to Convert Effectively?

5hourweb delivers responsive websites and web portals with self-explanatory navigation, mobile-specific interactive elements and smooth performance on any network, thus making for a high conversion rate.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design with ScienceSoft

Mobile-first approach

Content scaling, touch-screen gestures and device-specific keys – all this makes interaction with software on a mobile device completely different from that on a desktop computer. That’s why we tackle mobile and desktop design of your web solution as interconnected yet different entities. Starting from mobile and proceeding with desktop design allows us to easily create web solutions, which fully match in the visual style but have independent user experience that feels natural on all devices

Driven by your business objectives

ScienceSoft’s design team always combines your individual business requirements with the latest responsive website and web portal design trends. Working in close cooperation with you, we discuss all your workflows and business goals before the project launch. This way, we can deliver web designs that meet your most prioritized marketing objectives, including:

  • prolonged dwell time
  • increased user engagement
  • improved conversion rate

Ensured results

We let you picture the business outcomes of our responsive web design services early on in the project. To provide you with factual and reliable data on the prospective results – such as visitor session time, user engagement rate, and conversions – we conduct comprehensive market studies, business analysis, and user research.

Make a Sure Investment in Responsive Web Design

As many as 70% of users don’t complete their purchases on websites when viewing them on mobile devices because of impeding mobile UX. Moreover, 94% of users say they do not trust a company behind a website or a web portal with poor mobile design and choose to switch to a competitor instead. While you are still assessing the reasonableness of your investment, responsive web design has already become one of the major conditions for the success of your digital venture.

Don’t Let Poor Web Design Ruin Your Conversions!

Let 5hourweb handle the responsive design of your website orWebsite redesign services help to transform a website’s existing look and feel via UX and UI revamp. ScienceSoft covers the full cycle of website redesign – including UI and UX audit, loading speed optimization, and content migration – to ensure longer visitor sessions and a higher conversion rate. web portal to make it fully functional, easy to navigate, and high-converting across all devices.