Website redesign services help to transform a website’s existing look and feel via UX and UI revamp. 5hourweb covers the full cycle of website redesign – including UI and UX audit, loading speed optimization, and content migration – to ensure longer visitor sessions and a higher conversion rate

Why You Need Website Redesign


visitors immediately leave a company website that has poor UI or/and UX design


visitors make business decisions based on a company’s website visuals

$1.73 Billion

annual revenue is lost by slow-loading ecommerce websites

Your Slow-loading, Dated Website Design Holds Your Business Back?

With 5hourweb website revamp, you get a fast, trendy and responsive design that increases visitor engagement and makes for effective business growth.

How You Benefit from Website Redesign with 5hourweb

Guaranteed enhancements

5hourweb always starts from an in-depth UI and UX audit that helps us uncover your website’s weak points. Once we know them, we create a custom structured plan that consists of redesign goals and respective business outcomes, such as:

  • Responsive, mobile-first design – to increase mobile traffic.
  • Faster page load and performance issues fix – to minimize the visitor bounce rate.
  • More intuitive navigation – to improve visitor engagement.
  • Unification of several websites in one CMS – to reduce costs of support and administration.

Smooth content migration

Content migration can take up as much as ½ of overall website redesign costs. To make sure your investment will result in 100% safely migrated content, ScienceSoft creates a detailed migration roadmap, individual for each project. We also combine the automated migration approach with the manual one, which helps uncover and update all legacy code instances of your website.

Preserved SEO equity

To preserve your website’s existing positions in search engine rankings, we work in close cooperation with project stakeholders and devise an SEO migration strategy that entails website crawling, inbound link preservation and creation of redirects for updated links.

To enhance your organic traffic, our strategy also comprises the following steps:

  • Comprehensive SEO audit.
  • Fixing detected issues that prevent your website’s ranking growth.
  • On-page optimization to improve individual page rankings.

Why You Should Revamp Website Design Now

Your website’s visitors only need 0.05 seconds to shape an opinion about what they see and experience on a web page. During the next 5 seconds, 94% of visitors form a solid impression of your business, which is difficult to change later.

In other words, your opportunities to acquire a customer are extremely limited in time. The high-quality UI and UX design is your best strategy to quickly convey a striking brand image and earn the trust of your future clients.

Don’t Hide Good Business behind a Mediocre Design!

Cooperate with ScienceSoft to create an impressive, user- and mobile-friendly design that will attract visitors, retain them and convert into buying customers.